Self hosted headless CMS

CMS Base


All in one CMS designed for development of headless systems. manage all your content, authentication, email marketing and form submissions. Multi-tenanted out of the box to manage all your projects.


Manage multiple cms instances out of the box through the admin panel, completly segregated in separate database schemas.


Trusted public facing authentication system out of the box, give public users access to specific CRUD opperations on specific resources.

Data Collections

Our custom data collections allow you to build custom tables and dynamically modify the schema.

Media Storage

Store images and file metatdata in a searchable table and serve them from a public directory for fast loading.

Form Submissions

Build custom forms to be submitted from a given origin. Optionally forward to a mailing list with CAPTCHA support from multiple providers.

Email marketing

Automatically manage mailing lists and use our Unlayer email builder to send marketing material to your maining lists.