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Prism Chat is an open source chat application providing free, anonymous, decentralized and E2E encrypted messaging to everyone. Relying on our zero trust server model you can feel secure using official and self hosted servers.

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Example of prism chat mobile application.

E2E Encryption

Prism encrypts all outgoing messages before they are even sent to the server. All encryption is done in our client and only in our client. This means your messages will be secure even if your network is not.


We understand that it is important not only to keep your messages safe, but your identity also. Prism does not require any personal information, identifying you only by a randomly generated key which can be discarded at any time.


We have built our system in a way that allows anyone to run their own Prism server while maintaining security of all messages. This means there is no single point of failure in the network. If you do not trust us, run your own server.

Zero Trust model

We have speciffically designed prism Chat to store all sensitive data on the client allowing us to have a zero-trust relationship with any prism Chat server. Feel secure using official or unofficial prism servers.


Prism Chat is designed for sending SMS like messages, however can be extended to send custom message types that can contain any contextual data, making the Prism Chat protocol higly sensible and customizeable.

Open Source

All of our source code is hosted publicly on GitHub to promote open discussion, transparency and innovation. We hope others can take advantage of Prism, and find new ways to use the Prism Chat Protocol and integrate with it.

What's the difference?

Similar to the Signal protocol, which is used by several other chat applications, the Prism Chat protocol is based on the Diffie-Hellman key exchange and a ratcheting key system providing asyncronous messageing.

The largest differences and what makes Prism Chat unique are extensibility, decentralization and anonymity!


Prism chat supports message type contexts. This allows you to specify your own custom context types and build additional functionality into a prism client to handle this new context. This allows for the Prism Chat protocol to be extended infinitely and customized to your needs.


Host your own prism chat server using our official docker image or run the source code yourself. All messages sent to your address will be processed through the addressed server and that server only.


Using Prism Chat you are identitfied only by your randomly generated public identity key, and when sending a message to an address the server is only aware of the recipiant, the sender is only identified on the the client after layer 0 decryption.